College gal cooking: “Despicable Me” birthday cupcakes

Celebrating a friend’s birthday on a college campus can often be difficult. Sure you can buy that person a gift and decorate the room with whatever, but when it comes to a cake, if you don’t make it yourself, you’re out of luck.

Press start to continue: the wild world of indie games

Every gamer has dreamt of creating their own game at least once. The thrill of creating a whole world from nothing or building dynamic characters and unique types of gameplay is endlessly appealing. Apart from those who went to school to achieve that goal, the rest of us became consumers of the games released by titanic companies and studios, such as Blizzard and Valve. But these businesses are not the sole proprietor of unique gaming experiences. The dreamers who decided to act on that desire to create band together and build inconceivable video games under the title of “indie games.”

Iron Chef competition spices up Union Ballroom

For the past five years, Campus Dining Services at Stony Brook University has held an annual Iron Chef Competition. This competition pairs four teams of students with Campus Dining’s lead cooks to test their culinary skills. It is similar to the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, right down to the challenge of incorporating a mystery ingredient.

Melanie Ellner brings soul to Stony Brook Idol

On the first beautiful day at Stony Brook in quite some time, students gathered on the Staller Steps to take in the singing talents of the six finalists of Stony Brook Idol 2014. The students showed great support toward the soulful, sultry performance of “Give It To Me Right,” from Melanie Ellner. Ellner, a sophomore psychology major, wooed the audience with her faithful rendition of Melanie Fiona’s R&B number with great vocal range and powerful delivery. Her stirring performance came together successfully, as she won first place.

Theatre arts students modernize Greek tragedy Antigone

The story of Antigone, a tragedy written by Sophocles in 441 BC, is as relevant to students today as it was to Greeks 2,455 years ago, according to Jeanette Yew, director of the Department of Theater Arts’ upcoming production “The Antigone Project.” Antigone has been adapted and performed countless times. However, this project is unique in that that it is both performed and written by theatre students at Stony Brook.

Actor’s Conservatory packs the house for Musical Revue

The Stony Brook Actor’s Conservatory held its second annual Musical Revue this past Friday and Saturday, drawing a packed house at the Staller Center Theatre 3. The crowd that attended the closing show on Saturday ranged from Stony Brook students with a liking for musical theatre to family members looking to see the talent of their offspring.

Brookfest 2014: Childish Gambino and Diplo

When spring hits Stony Brook, one question starts circulating around the campus: “who is performing for the spring concert?” So far this year, rumors have been bouncing around on social media sites, but it was not until today that the announcement was made official. Diplo and Childish Gambino will be coming to Stony Brook.

Campus Spotlight: Student turns trash into public art

Nicole Hixon, a second-year student in Stony Brook’s Master of Fine Arts program, turns useless, recycled trash into meaningful sculpture, installation and public art. Hixon, a native New Yorker, first started her higher education at Nassau Community College and continued her studies at California State, San Francisco. She moved back to Long Island and came to Stony Brook for graduate school.